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A lifetime athlete and weight lifter, Ben began his training career under the tutelage of renowned strength and conditioning guru Mackie Shilstone  (known for reviving and prolonging the careers of sports greats Roy Jones, Jr., Bernard Hopkins, Serena Williams, Ozzie Smith and others).  As Shilstone’s understudy, Ben learned from one of the true legends in the industry, working with some of the aforementioned greats, along with a host of other pro athletes from Major League Baseball, the NBA and NFL.  He credits the development of his personal philosophy to the mentoring and support he received from Shilstone.  While working with Shilstone, Ben served as a strength and conditioning coach in his NFL Draft Preparation program that was responsible for turning out several 1st round picks and led the way in a then-developing segment of the training industry.

In 2005, Ben moved on to the Houstonian Club in Houston, Texas and began his own NFL Draft Prep program, and has since developed a fledgling pro baseball and pro football offseason program.  Ben also serves as the strength and speed coordinator at St. Thomas High School, winning consecutive state championships in baseball in 2010 and 2011 and a state championship in basketball in 2010.  He has also served as a special consultant to the Houston Texans.

With a Master of Science Degree in Fitness and Human Performance and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Sports Science and Business Administration, Ben takes a businesslike approach to the management of his athletes’ performances.  Discipline, attention to detail, and awareness of the client’s ever-changing performance/fitness profile are the keys that set Ben’s programs apart from others.  With 10 years experience working with everything from professional and olympic athletes to the morbidly obese with extreme health and functional limitations, Ben is equipped to handle any training scenario and see it through to success.

Ben’s training approach is evidence-based.  He is an avid exercise and nutrition researcher, who applies the latest scientific findings to his sports and exercise training programs.  In addition to his education and experience, Ben is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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